The Aloha Project

  1. Our Vision
    Sustainable community, sovereignty and freedom for all life and all generations.
  2. Our Mission
    The Aloha project aims to unite people and nature to live harmoniously and freely through educating and empowering communities in collective thought and action that nurture a sustainable lifestyle.
Who We Are
The Aloha Project is a non-profit organization based in Southern Saskatchewan on a chemical-free farm 30 minutes East of Regina. It was founded by a group of passionate members of the region focused on creating a positive impact within the community. Our goal is to revitalize a sense of community, and educate the importance of it, in the surrounding areas. We also aim to establish positive relationships with nature, and provide healthy food to everyone.
Contact Us
Tel.: 1 (306) 699-2678
Aloha Farm is located 30 minutes East of Regina, SK between Fort Qu'Appelle and Qu'Appelle
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