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The Aloha Fest is an annual gathering based on a farm 30 minutes East of Regina, Saskatchewan & is hosted by The Aloha Project Inc., a non-profit organization, with the intent to bring people, from all walks of life, together in ways that builds closer relationships to the land and with each other. We celebrate our local community by showcasing Saskatchewan musicians, artists and educators to share their talents and knowledge with a focus on ecological living and socially conscious workshops & discussions. It is an amazing opportunity for people to get involved and volunteer to exchange skills, knowledge and friendships.
It all started with a trip to Hawaii. Rick Morrell, the founder of The Aloha Project, was introduced to the concept of "Aloha" by a Hawaiian elder nicknamed the "Aloha Man". Aloha is a central concept in Hawaiian culture that has a wide variety of meanings. This concept infused into our festival is the idea of people working together to take care of each other's needs and care for the Earth. Everyone's needs are met and simultaneously, they can come together as a community. Aloha means sharing within the community; doing what you can with what you have so that everyone is taken care of. 

As a result, the Aloha Fest was born. In our societal culture, many people do not have access to healthy, fresh foods  due to their low income level, and our communities are divided by factors such as income levels, age and culture. Our hope is to elimate those boundaries and revitalize a sense of community that unites us all together and instills a resposibility to one another to make sure that everyone's needs are met and they have access to healthy food. A tangable example of community taking care of each other; we harvest & grow our own food together here on Aloha Farm.

our story

The first Aloha Fest was held in 2014 and has expanded every year since. It has brought together community members from all walks of life and has made friends of even the most unlikely folk. The festival creates opportuniites for learning and teaching one another so we are not only expanding our hearts, but our minds too. We take a great pride in Saskatchewan businesses and we are dedicated to purchasing all that we can, here within our commnity. And if our lineup is any testamony, we love the talent that flows from our local artists and musicians.
Ultimately we aim to bring back what it means to be a community. Which means  working together while having fun together though a weekend of great music, delicious, chemical-free, local and gourmet meals, camping and celebrating nature. Fun!


​Aloha Fest 2018 will be held this year on August 31st-September 3rd!

5:00 PM Malika Sellami * Saskatoon
               Brian Paul Di Giuseppe * Saskatoon
7;00 PM Origin of Spin * Regina
8:00 PM Tyle * Regina
9;00 PM Haily Therens * Regina
10:00 PM Two Odd Fox * Saskatoon
11:00 PM Ugly Again * Regina
12:00 PM J. B. Loone and the Loonies * Regina
1:00 PM Atomic Prophet * Regina

4:00 PM Del Suelo * Regina
5:00 PM The Sweet Discreet * Fort Qu'Appelle
7:00 PM Red Wagon Gypsies * Regina
8:00 PM Lexi * Regina
9:00 PM EKS Noise * Brandon MB.
10:00 PM Tribal Vibes Wild Fire productions INC. with DJ HappyCat * Regina
11:00 PM HooDoo * Regina
12:00 AM -2:00 AM E-Major and HappyCat tag it up! * Regina  

7:00 PM Sam Sayer  & The Awkwards * Regina
8:00 PM NYK Reggae Band * Regina
9:00 PM Camp Fire & Closing Ceremony; Rick * Aloha Farms
9:20 PM Siren Songs Camp Fire Concert; 
Lexi * Regina
Kolby * Russell MB.
Talie * Winnipeg MB.
Macy *


!aloha pricing available 
We understand that bringing the family out anywhere can be expensive, but that shouldn't prevent your family from participating in this wonderful weekend! If you are interested in coming to this year's festival, but are faced with financial obstacles, then we encourage you to contact us, as we can provide discount options that will work for you! 

To contact us scroll down to the contact section at the bottom of this page!


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Volunteer with us!

Can't afford your ticket for this years festival? Or just looking for something fun & educational to do this summer? Look no further! Volunteer with us and learn new skills & meet new people!

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